Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rogers joins board of farmland investment group - Investment Week

Commodities investor Jim Rogers has been appointed to the board of the farmland investment firm Genagro Ltd as a non-executive director.

Jersey-based Genagro, which was founded in 2008, makes investments in early stage farmland or farming-related businesses, specialising in financing, developing and growing the businesses.

Rogers appointment is part of a reorganisation of the board following the sale of a majority controlling interest in Genagro's first farmland investment, Agrifirma Brasil, to a Brazilian private equity group, the company said.

The veteran investor said he has long seen the the investment potential of agriculture.

He said: "I have been on record for years that the future is going to belong to the farmer.

"The world is facing a growing demand for food and animal feed. It urgently needs private sector capital, management expertise and technology to bring new areas of farmland into productive use."

In February Rogers created the Rogers Global Resources Equity Index to track the price of a basket of leading natural resources shares in the agriculture, mining, metals and energy sectors, as well as solar, wind and hydro.

He also created the Rogers International Commodity Indices, which tracks the movement of global commodity prices. He set up the measure in the late 1990s in anticipation of a global boom in commodities.

Ian Watson, chairman of Genagro, said Rogers has been helping the firm for some time as a member of its advisory board, and would now work to expand the business.

"With a new chapter for the firm now opening, as we look to expand our investments outside Brazil, we are looking forward to drawing on his vast knowledge, experience and network of contacts as a full member of the board. I cannot think of anyone better qualified to help us".


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