Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sanctions not seeming to have effect on Russia

My point about sanctions is that they don’t seem to be hurting Russia, I don’t see that there’s any major sanctions that can hurt Russia over any extended period of time, so, no, I am for one do not see how sanctions from America, especially if their allies don’t go along with them, or don’t go along with them in a big way – I don’t see how that can hurt Russia other than, maybe, in the short-term. It’s just that I don’t see it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jim Rogers: World to face serious oil energy problems in longer term

If there is war, oil prices can climb to $200 a barrel. If there is no war, it can, for a while, stay between $90 to $120 a barrel.

If war breaks out, there is no top for oil prices. Who knows how high it would eventually go? I don’t expect war anytime soon. But if it does happen, then one should definitely own all commodities, especially oil.

Even without war, oil prices can move up, since oil reserves in most of the world are on a decline. The world is facing serious longer–term oil energy problems down the road.

Jim Rogers

Warren Buffett

Nouriel Roubini