Tuesday, March 15, 2016

North and South Korea should unite to become a powerful nation

I am a fan of President Park [of South Korea] more than any other politicians but that was a mistake if you ask me. When she closed the complex, I was surprised. That was pretty negative for South Koreans. I know she has an election in April. It is one of the few times I thought she was making a mistake.

All you have to do is to take down the demilitarized zone. Stop spending money on defense. You had those war games every year for 50 years. 

Kim Jong-un using nuclear power to gain negotiation leverage

We now know negotiations were set, but then the U.S. pulled out so I presume that was his reason. He seems to want peace. 

North Korea free trade zones
They already started. They already have 15 free trade zones. The reason why there is so little investment from abroad is they just started. It takes a while for this to take place. He (Kim) does have 15 free trade zones. You can go on bicycle tours, you can go skiing, and you can take a movie tour (in North Korea). That's what you could not do before. Those are what his father and grandfather did not allow. 

North and South Korea unification will make the country very attractive for investments

I don't think unification will happen in the foreseeable future. But when it comes, Korea will be the most exciting country in the world for a decade or two. Once unified, it will grow faster than others and it will have a lot of dynamic things happening. You have 75 to 80 million people right on the Chinese border. I will bet on a very exciting Korean Peninsula and may well invest most of my wealth there.

So when you put two countries together, while everybody else is suffering, you will have dynamics that other countries won't have at the time. That is a reason you need unification. They need you and you need them in the future.

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